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When you need a Southern Louisiana electrician who is focused and professional, call PT Electrical Services. We have a dedicated group of individuals who have years of experience working with clients in the Southern Louisiana area. We know how to assess common problems quickly and provide you with strategies for moving forward. Our team wants to do whatever we can to help you have an electrical system that meets your needs.

Our company understands that in order to provide great services to our customers, we must employ a professional and experienced staff. Our PT Electrical team is familiar with a wide range of needs and will approach even complex electrical situations with enthusiasm and ingenuity. We are a locally owned and operated company, and will be happy to provide you with references so that you can hear from our customers about the excellent services they received from us. We’re familiar with electrical repairs, wiring, circuit breaker repair, electric panels, and much more.

For a full service Southern Louisiana electrician who is experienced and reliable, contact PT Electrical Services. We have a master electrician on our staff that can assist you with almost any need. Our team is dedicated to being available for our customers. We offer same-day service to those who call and can also assist you in emergency situations. Call our Southern Louisiana office now to learn more about our team and to benefit from our affordable prices.

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